Dr. Scott Threde

Dr. J. Scott Threde DC is a leading specialist in Chiropractic Neuromuscular Reeducation (CNR), a certified Sports Chiropractor and laser specialist. CNR care is directed at clearing the patterns of pain and tension in your body that arise from the daily forces of stress, fatigue, gravity.

Dr Threde is an expert on concussion and headache care as well. And has spoken and written extensively on the benefits of Chiropractic for head and neck health. Dr. Threde and his team are also adept at fast and thorough healing of acute and athletic injuries including but not limited to sports injuries and whiplash recovery. In the case of chronic or inflamed injuries include CNR supported by Laser therapy

Dr. Threde is also clinically excellent and adept with pregnancy care, infant care, and treatment of children. Whether your case stems from new and acute injuries or neuromuscular patterns of stress, fatigue and gravity.